About Areola Restorative Tattoos

What is Areola Restorative Tattooing?

The areola is the pigmented area on the human breast that surrounds the nipple. Tattooing to reconstruct, restore or alter the nipple area on a breast is known as areola restorative tattooing. Areola tattoos are also known as areola scar tattoos, nipple tattoos, 3D-nipple tattoos or mastectomy tattoos.
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Falcon Artistry Cosmetic Tattoos offers areola restorative tattoos serving the Metro Vancouver region. We are certified in areola restoration by A.R.T. 3D Areola Restorative Tattoos, founded by Stacie-Rae Weir, who developed the tattoo system and certification program for areola tattoos to help set the formal standard for post-mastectomy specialty tattooing

Click here to see photo examples of Areola Restorative Nipple Tattoos completed in Burnaby for Metro Vancouver clients.

Before/After of areola restoration tattoo.
Before/after of areola restoration tattoo.

Who Should Get Areola and Nipple Tattoos?

Areola tattoos are ideal for any woman or man who has undergone a mastectomy or other kind of breast surgery and is looking to restore the natural look of their nipples and breasts, or for those who have irregular-looking or fading areolas and want to alter their nipple areas so that their breasts have a more natural (or enhanced) appearance.

These procedures are not just for those who have undergone a breast reconstruction after a mastectomy! Areola restorative tattoos / nipple tattoos can also be done without reconstruction, with or without nipple protrusion surgery, after gender top surgery, after birth or for naturally uneven nipples, for enlarging the areola after a breast enlargement and even for changing the shape of your areola (hearts are a fun option!).

Areola Restorative Cosmetic Tattooing at Falcon Artistry

How Long Should I Wait to Get an Areola Tattoo?

Survivors who undergo mastectomies or other kinds of breast surgeries experience different emotions throughout their journeys, so wait until you personally feel ready before getting an areola tattoo. Your body has the tools it needs for your breasts to heal and for the scar tissue to fully develop – all you need is patience.

The healing process differs for everyone; age, weight, radiation exposure and skin tone all contribute. Scar tissues on some breasts heal enough to be tattooed within six months, but some may require more time than that. Falcon Artistry Cosmetic Tattoos is certified and trained to consult on areola restoration tattoos. We assess the colour, tone and texture of your scar tissue and the surrounding skin tissue to recommend an appropriate timeframe that works for you.

Types of Areola Tattoos at Falcon Artistry Cosmetic Tattoos

3D-Nipple Permanent Tattoos

3D Nipple Tattoo image.
3D-Looking Nipple Tattoo

Areola restoration tattoos are also known as 3D-nipple tattoos because replicating the look of a human nipple and the areola requires attention to artistic detail. Because nipples rise beyond the skin surface and the areola has unique textures, areola reconstructive tattoos must have the appearance of depth for that natural-looking three-dimensional effect.

Permanent 3D-nipple tattooing is a complex procedure that relies upon speciality training, tattooing experience and traditional fine-art skills. Falcon Artistry Cosmetic Tattoos determines the appropriate size, colour and technique for each client to create a custom, permanent, three-dimensional cosmetic nipple tattoo that complements each breast type and skin tone so you can restore your confidence and feel whole again.

“Nippleback” Temporary Nipple Tattoos

Falcon Artistry Cosmetic Tattoos offers temporary nipple tattoos in the Vancouver area, called “nipplebacks,” to recent mastectomy patients or those who would like to resotre their are

ola. Nipplebacks are ideal for before scar tissue has healed or when you’re still deciding about a more permanent look and want to temporarily try different-looking options.

Visit our Nippleback information page to learn more about temporary nipple tattoos at Falcon Artistry Cosmetic Tattoos in Port Moody.


Aftercare of Your Areola Restorative Tattoo

Falcon Artistry Cosmetic Tattoos is committed to helping you maintain proper aftercare of your areola restorative tattoo. Follow our tips to maintain your tattoo’s look and protect the surrounding skin. For example, while the tattoo heals, avoid tanning beds, excessive sun exposure, gyms and workouts that cause a lot of sweating and keep the tattooed area clean and dry.

Please consult our Aftercare page for more information on how to heal your areola tattoo. Aftercare instructions specifically for areola tattoo procedures can be found here for your convenience in PDF format.

How Much Do Areola Restorative / Nipple Tattoos Cost?

Nipplebacks can be conveniently purchased in bulk at six for $10 or twelve for $20.

Refer to our Services and Pricing page to see a full overview of all of our cosmetic-tattoo services and how much they cost.

If you’re interested in a consultation on an areola restorative tattoo in Port Moody at Falcon Artistry Cosmetic Tattoos, feel free to say hello and look into booking to schedule an appointment or contact us to ask any questions.