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Amber guthrey

“The class was an advanced class. We wouldn’t recommend taking a course like this online. We know everyone these days wants to take the course from the comfort of their own homes BUT THIS WAS SUPER IMPORTANT TO LEARN IN PERSON, WITH HANDS ON MODELS. Candice is a great instructor and the course was super duper informative! She kept the class small which was also very beneficial!”

- Amber Guthery, Las Vegas, USA


“…I’m so excited to [have learned] from Candice! She has created and perfected a very consistent and safe camo technique! I’ve watched her over the years help soooo many people in the most beautifully unique way!”

- Jackie Batts, San Diego, USA

Jackie Batts, San Diego, USA


About Candice

Candice Falcon is a lifelong artist and painter with both experience in colour theory, art, tattooing and teaching. Her experience and vast portfolio of custom results in a range of cases making her the authority in the tattoo camouflage arena. She works closely with plastic and reconstructive surgeons and promotes lifelong learning from related fields who can work together to help patients in all arenas. Her passion is to help as many people as possible by spreading the methodologies that can help others – by teaching her techniques, her desire is to elevate the industry standard and provide all of her student’s client’s satisfaction

About Candice Falcon


detailed curriculum

Detailed Online Curriculum

This comprehensive curriculum goes over all aspects of camouflage in detail. This is an advanced course, as the specifics of compromised skin are being focused on. The intricacies of areas of the body, positioning, mapping and colour mixing are fully explained. 


Experience-Based Education

You cannot adequately learn a hands-on skill fully online! After learning the building blocks in the first modules, you’ll be tested in person so you can feel confident when you have your own clients and complex scenarios! This is an artistic trade which requires you invest the time in having direct oversight when learning on live models. You and your clients are worth it!


Ongoing Support & Community

This is a challenging field fueled by passion to help others! We support you after the course so you can make the best decisions for your clients. After taking this course, you will feel capable and we are here to empower your instincts and intuition moving forward!

CANDICE CAMO - The hybrid course



First half

  • Detailed curriculum, 16 hours of content & practice
  • Demos, worksheets, quizzes
  • Downloadable resources
  • Case studies
  • Techniques and ink mixing


*Must have taken 1st half

  • Curriculum
  • Ink Mixing, custom matching
  • Demos & Practice
  • Instructor oversight and feedback
  • Working on Live Models




Questions for Camouflage

Our course registration packet also covers a lot of information about the course. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions!

Why should I learn Camouflage Tattooing?

With the oversaturation of permanent makeup services and quick courses- it can feel like your business and artistry can go unnoticed. Camouflage is the new niche in permanent makeup and tattooing that really makes a big difference in your client’s lives. As artists, passion in our work and for our clients is so important- so is artistic growth and challenges to make for an exciting career in custom work to help more people in your services.

What does this course cover?

This is a 32 hour (4 day equivalent) course covering all aspects of this highly custom and niche skill set. Subjects inclue: Advanced techniques for compromised skin, detailed curriculum on scar types and stretchmarks, inks, colour theory and mixing, skin anatomy, best practices, protocols, shadowing, demos, case studies, setting up referral partnerships and practicing muscle memory on practice pads and mixing custom skintones, hands-on experience on models. We do not cover inkless methods and we do not teach dark scar techniques.

Why is this work important?

Camouflage tattoos are often the only option remaining for people who have tried everything to diminish the appearance of scarring, pigmentation loss and stretchmarks. The healing difference it makes to clients is life changing. We must uphold the highest standard of care in our services to ensure that we are the last step to their process and don’t cause further harm through making anything worse.

Why can’t this be taught exclusively online?

The tattoo and permanent makeup industry is one of ongoing learning. It is paramount to learn advanced skills in person to ensure you have direct oversight from your instructor- catching small mistakes that can affect your services in the future. 

Learning directly from your trainer is an opportunity to bypass learning on your own the hard way! Online theory and actually working on clients with compromised skin, vulnerabilities & highly complex custom cases are two very different concepts. Investing in your skills and education is part of investing in your business and your commitment to your clients. You are learning a trade that requires dedication- you and your client are worth it!

Who can apply?

This course is for advanced artists only and does not teach the fundamentals of tattooing. You must have a minimum of 1 years tattoo experience to ensure you are familiar with how to tattoo before you can add the additional methodologies of working with compromised skin and advanced colour theory. Further requirements are outlined in the application form.

If you don’t know how to tattoo/don’t have the required experience, you may contact us to join our waitlist for our upcoming Foundations course! (Waitlist button above.)

What will you receive?

The most fabulous, shiny certificate with proof of hours, a manual, practice materials and worksheets, quizzes, downloadable guides and access to our Facebook Group with ongoing support! 

Machines can be provided for practice use in the Studio – ask in advance if they are available for use.

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