About Powder Eyebrow Tattoos

What are Powder-Brow Tattoos?

A powder brow generally refers to the result of giving your eyebrows a soft, filled-in effect you would generally achieve from a makeup-applied brow. This cosmetic tattoo procedure mimics the effect of topical makeup. Getting a permanent makeup powder brow can maintain the definition and fullness of your eyebrows without making your eyebrows look stenciled-in or the appearance of being “tattooed on.”

Powder brows are also known as powder fill, and are distinctly different from the microblading technique of tattooed eyebrows.

Falcon Artistry Cosmetic Tattoos offers powder-fill eyebrow tattoos in Metro Vancouver at our location in Port Moody. We are fully trained and certified in advanced techniques for powder brows to ensure the best natural look for your face and custom colour for your skintone.

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What is the Procedure for Powder-Brow Tattoos?

The permanent-makeup technique for powder brows is the use of a machine to give a soft-pigmented, defined eyebrow shape that mimics the look of makeup-applied powder brows.

The powder-fill method for eyebrow cosmetic tattoos applies thousands of tiny dots of tattoo pigments into the skin to gradually define the colour and the shape of the brows, resulting in a soft finish for a natural and subtle look.

Powder-Eyebrow Tattoos vs. Microblading

Powder brows give a fuller effect than microblading. They provide the “powder look” by giving a permanent base colour to your eyebrows without the noticeable hairstroke look of microblading. If you like to fill in your brows or wear makeup often, microblading will not give you the desired effect, as the skin shows between the tattooed hairs.

Powder brows also last longer, at 2-3 years (depending on long-term care and skin type) before a refresh, as the colour is more evenly distributed, as opposed to annually for microblading where the individual strokes fade quickly.

If you don’t have much eyebrow hair or are fair-haired and needing to become used to the look of your new eyebrows, microblading is your best option.

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Healed Powder Brow Tattoos! NO makeup!!

Do Powder-Brow Tattoos Hurt?

There is a small amount of pain associated with eyebrow tattoos but for most people it is tolerable.

When you’re getting a powder-brow tattoo at Falcon Artistry Cosmetic Tattoos in Burnaby, you will have a topical anesthetic applied to your eyebrows both before and throughout the procedure.

Powder Brows at Falcon Artistry Cosmetic Tattoos

Powder-Brow Tattoos Before and After

Below are before-and-after photos of clients who received powder fill tattoos for their eyebrows from Falcon Artistry Cosmetic Tattoos in Metro Vancouver. The goal is to have an enhancement of your natural beauty.

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Combination Brows: Microblading with Powder Fills

Falcon Artistry Cosmetic Tattoos also offers “combination brows” which are a great compromise between the two main style techniques of eyebrow tattoos, microblading and powder brows.

The technique for combination brows creates simulated hair strokes with the use of a tattooing machine at the head of the brow, followed by a soft-pigmented, defined eyebrow powder fill to fill the areas between the tattooed hair strokes and bring definition to the remainder of the brow.

How Much Do Powder Brows Cost?

Refer to our Services and Pricing page to see a full overview of all of our cosmetic-tattoo services and how much they each cost.

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