About Lip Liner & Contour Tattoos and Lip Colour Fill Tattoos

Image of Lip-Contour tattoo process.
Before and immediately after photos of the tattoo process for lip contours.

What are Lip Liner & Contour Tattoos?

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A lip liner & contour tattoo is permanent makeup for your lips that resembles lip liner to define and accentuate the edges of the lips, with a soft blending-down so there is no harsh line. The natural lip colour is left in the centre of the lips, a more subtle look and a great alternative to the thin lip liners of the past.

What are Lip Liner & Fill Tattoos?

The lip liner & colour fill is when the lip is lined and defined to enhance the natural look of the lip, then the entire lip is coloured in.

With any permanent-makeup lip procedure, you’ll have a natural-looking cosmetic tattoo for your lips without ever having to worry about lipstick! Lipstick can be applied overtop, as your lips are just a different “base colour” with the tattoo.

Tattoos for permanent lip liner are designed for an enhanced natural beauty look, while making your lips appear fuller and more defined. With a lip tattoo for liner, contour and colour, your lips will look balanced yet enhanced for a soft “pillowy” appearance.

Falcon Artistry Cosmetic Tattoos offers lip-liner tattoos in Metro Vancouver to contour and plump lips. We then fill in your lips with a custom-mixed colour from our beautiful colour palette for either a shadowy after-effect or to complement the prominence of your lips. All colour options are customized for your lips and skin tone.

What is the Procedure for Lip-Liner Tattoos?

Image of Lip Liner Tattoo process.
Before Lip Contour Tattoo. Top Right: Consultation with Drawing. Bottom: Immediately After Lip Contour & Fill Tattoo.

Each lip-liner and full lip colour tattoo begins with a consultation at our cosmetic tattoo shop in Burnaby where we discuss how you want your lips to look and what colour you desire, to ensure your ideal outcome.

At Falcon Artistry, we will draw the lip line shape that will be tattooed so you can see exactly how it will look before the tattooing begins. We then mix a custom colour for you. Each consultation has an approval from the client on each step.

For all permanent-makeup tattoos for lips, we apply a topical anesthetic cream to your lip area twenty minutes before the procedure to minimize any discomfort and re-apply throughout the procedure to ensure your experience is one of the best for a cosmetic-lip tattoo in the Vancouver area.

Permanent Makeup for Lips at Falcon Artistry

Before and After of Tattoos for Lip Tattoos

Below are before-and-after photos of clients who received permanent makeup for their lips. The lip colours can range from natural to more vibrant colours.

After the procedure, the colours will be intense and your lips will look and feel puffy because of the swelling that is likely to occur. The colour intensity of your lip tattoo will fade up to 80% as the colour heals into the skin.

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Top to Bottom: Full Colour, Healed.
Top to Bottom: Before, After, Healed.
Top: Before, After. Bottom: Contour.

How Long Do Cosmetic Lip Tattoos Last?

Permanent-makeup lip tattoos typically last for about 2-3 years before a refresher may be desired. Falcon Artistry Cosmetic Tattoos in Burnaby offers a reduced rate for any follow-up appointments within the first two years.

Please note that we also schedule follow-up appointments for permanent lip-liner tattoos after two months, as the healed colour presents itself more gradually than on other areas of the face.

How Much Do Permanent Lip Tattoos Cost?

Refer to our Services and Pricing page to see a full overview of all of our cosmetic-tattoo services and how much they each cost.

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