About Permanent Eyeliner Makeup

Falcon Artistry Specialty Tattoo is the only studio in Metro Vancouver that offers Designer Winged Eyeliner! Check out our ongoing portfolio on Facebook or Instagram!

Cosmetic eyeliner tattoos simplify your daily beauty routine by giving you flawless-looking eyeliner that defines your lashline and gives you a makeup look. Sometimes, more than one initial appointment may be necessary to achieve adequate thickness, and depending on the health of your skin.

Process for Eyeliner Tattoos

All eyeliner tattoos are applied through the lashes with a specialty permanent-makeup needle, rather than by applying a line of pigment above the lashes. This results in an eyeline lash that appears thicker and fuller.

Multiple colours for your eyeliner tattoo are available, including black, dark brown, blue and colours with a sheen of green or taupe.

Sessions can typically be completed within an hour. Falcon Artistry uses two types of topical numbing to help relieve the pain and you should only feel a slight pinch when receiving your eyeliner tattoo.

Types of Eyeliner Tattoos

Regular Eyeliner Tattoo

A sharp and well-defined eyeline – choose from a variety of colours!

Smoky Eyeliner Tattoo

Ideal for a smudged, or “leftover-makeup look” of varying thicknesses.

Designer Eyeliner (Wing)

This design is the most dramatic and depends on your eyes’ natural eyelid shape and the space allowance to fit the wing design.

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Examples of Winged Eyeliners and Powder Brows

Photo of winged eyeliner and powder brows.     Photo of winged eyeliner and powder brows.


Lash Enhancement

As part of our suite of services in permanent eyeliner tattoos, Falcon Artistry Cosmetic Tattoos also offers lash-enhancement tattoos. Lash enhancements are a thin line on the top lashes and through the lashline added to make the lashes appear thicker yet still natural-looking.

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Cost of Eyeliner Tattoos

All permanent-eyeliner styles are $600 for combo top and bottom eyeliners. Top eyeliner only is $550 and bottom eyeliner only is $250. Lash enhancements are $450.

Refer to our Services and Pricing page to see a full overview of all of our cosmetic-tattoo services and how much they each cost.

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If you’re interested in getting tattooed eyeliner in Port Moody at Falcon Artistry Cosmetic Tattoos but you have questions, feel free to say hello and contact us .