Example Photos of Areola Restoration Tattoos

These photos are artistic renderings, tattooed 3D appearance nipple tattoos. Facebook and Instagram regularily remove our nipple tattoo posts, so this is a portfolio to show people what is possible through tattoo.

These procedures are not just for those who have undergone a breast reconstruction after a mastectomy! Areola restorative tattoos / nipple tattoos can also be done without reconstruction, with or without nipple protrusion surgery, after gender re-assignment surgery, after birth or for naturally uneven nipples, for enlarging the areola after a breast enlargement and even for changing the shape of your areola (hearts are a fun option!).

All of the below photos are taken of consenting clients of Falcon Artistry Cosmetic Tattoos in Burnaby, B.C.

Before & After Areola Restorative Tattoo Photos

Unilateral Tattoo

Before: Tattooed by a surgeon
Immediately after: Colour and shape adjustment

Photo of before and immediately after an areola tattoo.

Immediately after: Side view, 3D appearance on flat surface
Healed after one session. Dark residual old tattoo remains that can be corrected after another session

Bilateral Tattoo

Before & Immediately after: One session

Fresh 3D appearance tattoo with scar revision. Scars will soften and have a more flexible and reduced appearance. Scars are only red as they heal initially.

During the Areola Tattoo Procedure

Photo of areola tattoo in progress.     Photo of areola tattoo in progress.     Photo of areola tattoo in progress.     Photo of areola tattoo in progress.