Cosmetic Tattoos and Permanent Makeup

What is Cosmetic Tattooing?

Cosmetic tattooing (also called “micropigmentation”) is the process of applying tattoos to aesthetically complement or replace certain facial designs otherwise produced from traditional makeup. Examples include cosmetic eyebrow tattoos, cosmetic eyeliner tattoos and cosmetic lipliner tattoos.

Although cosmetic tattoos fade over time because of the unique colour pigments implanted into the skin, they are still considered a technique of permanent makeup because the skin does not fully return to its original state.

Are Cosmetic Tattoos Different From Permanent Makeup?

In most contexts, there is no difference between “cosmetic tattoos” and “permanent makeup.” Specifically, cosmetic tattooing is a technique to obtain permanent makeup, so the former can be thought of as an example of the latter. However, the two terms are often used interchangeably.

How Are Cosmetic Tattoos Different Than Regular Tattoos?

A cosmetic tattoo is made from hypoallergenic colour pigments (i.e., cosmetic-tattoo ink) implanted into the dermis. They blend into the skin for a natural-looking enhancement that fades as the skin ages, so the cosmetic tattoo can be adjusted over time to maintain an organic look.

How Long do Cosmetic Tattoos Last?

Cosmetic-tattoo ink is made from natural iron-oxide pigments that absorb back into the body at different rates for each person. Several factors affect the rate of fading, such as sun exposure, natural skin tone, oily skin, the amount of pigment in the dermis and the depth of the pigments into the dermis.

How long a cosmetic tattoo lasts also varies depending on the procedure; e.g., only a relatively small amount of pigment is used for microblading, so it will fade faster than a powder brow. Please refer to each permanent-makeup procedure offered at Falcon Artistry Cosmetic Tattoos in Burnaby.

Light colours fade faster than dark ones and various skin types breakdown colours differently. Falcon Artistry Cosmetic Tattoos recommends refreshing cosmetic tattoos annually. Please read our aftercare tips for cosmetic tattoos and long-term care instructions for permanent makeup for more info.

Are Cosmetic Tattoos Permanent or Semi-Permanent?

Cosmetic tattoos are in no way semi-permanent. The skin does not fully return to its pre-tattooed state and no one can anticipate with certainty when the cosmetic tattoo will begin to fade. Therefore, cosmetic tattoos are considered an example of permanent makeup.


Cosmetic-Tattoo Eligibility and Procedure

Does Getting a Cosmetic Tattoo Hurt?

Pain thresholds for permanent makeup vary for each individual; some people will experience mild levels of discomfort. Falcon Artistry Cosmetic Tattoos in Burnaby offers a topical anesthetic cream to be applied before and, if necessary, also during your procedure to relieve any pain.

Most pain experienced is very tolerable. You will feel a small amount of pressure and the pain level is similar to that of tweezing. After the procedure, the tattooed area will feel similar to a mild sunburn. Menstruation can increase sensitivity and smoking can affect the effectiveness of the anesthetic.

Do not take Advil or other pain medications before your cosmetic-tattoo appointment as they can hinder the body’s response to the anesthesia. You may optionally bring pain medication with you to take after the procedure. Please refer to pre-procedure recommendations for cosmetic tattoos for more info.

Is a Cosmetic Tattoo Right for Me?

Cosmetic tattoos are ideal for anyone who wants to save time from applying certain types of makeup to their face on a regular basis, as well as for people who have makeup allergies or difficulty applying makeup because of unsteady hands or other medical reasons.

Permanent eyebrow tattoos, permanent eyeliner tattoos and permanent lipliner tattoos benefit those looking to disguise scars or white spots on their skin. Eyebrow tattoos also benefit those who have naturally sparse or thin eyebrows or those who have lost their eyebrows or the ability to grow eyebrows.

Who Can Get Cosmetic Tattoos and Are There Any Restrictions?

All clients at Falcon Artistry Cosmetic Tattoos in Burnaby seeking permanent makeup must be at least 18 years old to have any procedure. View our pre-procedure recommendations for cosmetic tattoos for specific information on how to time your procedure around medical treatments.

Do not get permanent makeup if you are pregnant, nursing or prone to keloid scars. As well, refrain from cosmetic tattoos if you have used the generic prescription drug isotretinoin (previously branded exclusively as Accutane) within the past 12 months, or have acne, skin rashes or skin irritation.

Disclose any serious medical conditions on our disclosure form and consult with your doctor if you are at all unsure about receiving a cosmetic tattoo.

Is it Safe to Get a Cosmetic Tattoo?

Falcon Artistry Cosmetic Tattoos in Burnaby maintains its workspace to the utmost standards of cleanliness and sterility. We utilize only single-use needles and individually packaged supplies that are safely disposed after each treatment.

All tools are thoroughly disinfected before and after each procedure. Disposable medical gloves and, if need be, masks, are worn by the cosmetic-tattoo artist as part of a commmitment to take every precaution possible to avoid contamination.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Cosmetic Tattoo?

Eyebrow tattoos generally take two or three hours while eyeliner tattoos and lipliner tattoos take about three hours, including a consultation to preview the procedure and to review expectations and for anesthetic applications, the permanent-makeup procedure itself and aftercare suggestions.

What Are the Methods of Payment?

Falcon Artistry Cosmetic Tattoos in Port Moody takes cash, and credit card!

Do You Take Any Walk-In Appointments?

To best service our clients, Falcon Artistry Cosmetic Tattoos requires pre-booking appointments. Out of respect for other clients, we also require a non-refundable $150 deposit to secure your appointment; each deposit payment will be credited towards the overall cost of your procedure.

Please refer to our appointment-booking guidelines for cosmetic tattoos for more information.

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Post-Appointment Info and Cosmetic-Tattoo Aftercare

How Will I Look Right After My Permanent-Makeup Procedure?

The colour from a cosmetic tattoo will be intense and sharper than expected immediately after a procedure. The healing process varies for each person, but the colour will lighten eventually by about 30-50%. It may take up to a month to see the fully healed state.

Once the area has healed, the colour will look lighter and, if necessary, a follow-up appointment can be made to ensure colour retention. Please note that final results cannot be guaranteed as various skin types will hold pigments differently and will breakdown pigments at varying rates.

Will Cosmetic-Tattoo Colours Stay True?

All pigments fade over time and, depending on certain lifestyles (sun exposure, water exposure, skin treatments, etc.), will do so at varying rates. Layering over the initial shape and colour of your cosmetic tattoo can be done with a follow-up appointment and will ensure vibrancy and add density to the colour.

What Is the Healing Process for a Cosmetic Tattoo Like?

In the immediate days after receiving a cosmetic tattoo, expect the colours to be bolder and more intense than expected, but the colours will lighten eventually. Mild swelling and soreness akin to a sunburn might occur, but you can return to your daily routine.

By the end of the first week after receiving your cosmetic tattoo, your eyebrows, lips or surrounding areas might feel itchy and minimal scabbing might occur. For optimal healing of your cosmetic tattoo, resist the urge to pick or scrtach the scabs as much as possible. Instead, let flaky skin fall off naturally.

By the end of the first month after receiving your cosmetic tattoo, the cosmetic tattoo should be fully healed with all scabbing gone and all flaky skin having shed, and the colours of your permanent makeup will more closely resemble how they will normally look before fading occurs.

What Aftercare Tips for Cosmetic Tattoos Should I Follow?

For short-term aftercare, avoid picking scabs and any activities that will result in excessive sweating (e.g., exercising). Until the cosmetic tattoo has healed, do not use makeup, avoid tanning and minimize sun exposure. Keep the skin clean but dry – minimize water exposure as much as possible.

For long-term aftercare, be mindful of sun exposure and always apply sunscreen to the skin area on and around the cosmetic tattoo. Rinse your skin with fresh water after swimming to wash away any chlorine. Also avoid any cosmetic-laser treatment on or near your permanent makeup.

Please refer to our short-term aftercare tips for cosmetic tattoos and long-term aftercare tips for cosmetic tattoos for more information.